We specialize in functional movement & fun. Everyday the workout is programmed using your body as the machine and allowing it to move in all planes of motion at each class!  Our workouts are all scaleable to any fitness level, making them suitable for everyone.  And the encouragement you will receive from your Block family will keep you motivated to achieve more each class.   


Our functional approach provides one of the greatest workouts your body will ever go through!!  While our main method of training is the Competition Kettlebells, we also use Hampton Dumbbells, Concept 2 Rowers, Woodway Treadmills, TRX’s Training Bands and Sandbags, just to name a few. We are very passionate about fitness and provide a clean, safe & fun environment for everyone to train at. 




We’ve had over 20 years of training experience and knowledge in the fitness industry. We’ve worked in large global gyms and small personal training studios. We also owned our own CrossFit gym for over 5 years, ran Bootcamp programs & ran traditional gyms. We’re now taking all the methods that we’ve experienced and combined them to provide an amazing workout & training studio!!


Through our fitness journey we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t and the safest & best ways to achieve to your personal fitness goals! All of our trainers have been handpicked for their knowledge and diversity.  Our team strives to train with a passion, move with a purpose and help everyone achieve optimum health & wellness. When you belong to the The Block, you will always have the highest level of training.  We truly believe that our team of trainers are leading the fitness industry forward.


All that said, we never forget that our top priority is to make sure everyone has fun and feels like part of our Block ohana!!